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FINAL Disabled Vehicle - Hazard I-84 MP0 (Interstate 5)

_OPEN:WB: Off Ramp 10/22/14 2234

FINAL Crash I-84 MP3.56 (Portland, Intersection with 58th Ave)

_OPEN:WB: On Ramp 1VEH 10/22/14 2219

FINAL Landslide 4 miles East of Corbett

_OPEN:EB: Lane, Median, Shoulder 10/22/14 2154

Crash I-84 MP3.56 (Portland, Intersection with 58th Ave)

CLOSED :WB: On Ramp 10/22/14 2144

_Disabled Vehicle - Hazard I-84 MP0 (Interstate 5)

CLOSED :WB: Off Ramp 1VEH 10/22/14 2128


_OPEN:WB: Lane, Median, Shoulder CLOSED :EB: Lane, Median, Shoulder 10/22/14 2100

Oregon State Police

Oregon State Police: Due to Hwy 101 bridge closure in Coos Bay/North Bend area, commercial truck traffic from I-5 to southern OR coast should use Hwy 42, not Hwy 38.

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_Landslide 4 miles East of Corbett

CLOSED :WB: Lane, Median, Shoulder EB: Lane, Median, Shoulder 10/22/14 2034

FINAL Crash US-26 MP69.19 (Ramp to Highway 217)

_OPEN:WB: Off Ramp 10/22/14 2011

Death Investigation - Coos Bay Below Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge


News Release from Oregon State Police
Posted on FlashAlert: October 22nd, 2014 7:39 PM
Highway 101 at the Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge in Coos Bay is closed at this time by ODOT as Oregon State Police (OSP), with the assistance of local emergency responders, investigate the death of an person found near a vehicle in the water below.

According to Lieutenant Steve Mitchell, on October 22, 2014 at 5:35 p.m., a report was received of a vehicle in the water under Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge located on Highway 101 near milepost 234 in Coos Bay. US Coast Guard and local fire personnel responded with watercraft resources and the body of a deceased adult male was recovered. Divers located a vehicle under water believed to be associated with the victim.

ODOT has closed the bridge in both directions for an unknown period. A detour is being established around the area and updates for traffic-related matters are posted on ODOT's website

No other information to be released at this time.

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FINAL CRASH OR-212 MP6.94 (130TH - 135TH)

_OPEN:WB:All Lanes, Median, EB:All Lanes, Median CLOSED :WB:All Lanes, Median, Shoulder 10/22/14 1935

Crash US-26 MP69.19 (Ramp to Highway 217)

CLOSED :WB: Off Ramp 3VEH 10/22/14 1934 - LEFT LANE OF RAMP CLOSED

FINAL Disabled Vehicle - Hazard I-5 MP306.97 (Portland, Intersection with Marine)

_OPEN:NB:All Lanes, Median 10/22/14 1925

FINAL Crash I-5 MP300.9 (Interstate 84)

_OPEN: SB:All Lanes, Median 10/22/14 1925

_Disabled Vehicle - Hazard I-5 MP306.97 (Portland, Intersection with Marine)

CLOSED :NB: Left Lane, Median 1VEH 10/22/14 1915

Portland Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz Announces More Improvements to east Portland Properties (Photo)


News Release from Portland Parks & Recreation
Posted on FlashAlert: October 22nd, 2014 7:00 PM
Downloadable file: Mt. Hood, as seen from Clatsop Butte Park in September, 2014. Photo courtesy of Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR
Revenue from Development to Fund Improvements at Leach Botanical Garden and Clatsop Butte Park

(Portland, OR) -
Representatives from City Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz's office and Portland Parks & Recreation staff announced at the East Portland Action Plan meeting tonight (Wednesday, October 22) that Commissioner Fritz has allocated more than $1 million in revenue from System Development Charges to fund improvements at Leach Botanical Garden and Clatsop Butte Park. These Portland Parks & Recreation properties are the latest east Portland park sites designated for improvements by Commissioner Fritz. In 2014, Fritz and Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Director Mike Abbat� have announced approximately $22M in investments in east Portland parks (please see attached summary document for details). From 2009 through September 2014, PP&R has dedicated approximately $31.2M in System Development Charges to provide parks facilities in east Portland.

Revenue from System Development Charges (SDCs), which is collected as fees on new construction rather than tax dollars, will fund the major improvements at Leach Botanical Garden as well as modest interim facilities at Clatsop Butte Park. SDCs are fees paid by developers to support the increased civic infrastructure required when new homes and businesses are built. By state law, SDCs can only be used to expand capacity, not to fix existing parks facilities or to fund operational services.

The SDC investment at Leach Botanical Garden includes approximately $1M in improvements, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access, to areas including the upper garden at the regional Leach attraction, located off SE Foster Road in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood. Pedestrian and vehicle access projects will be prioritized. The specific projects will be determined in partnership with the non-profit Leach Garden Friends. Portland Development Commission (PDC) is partnering by contributing additional funds of up to $1.1M towards the upper garden's project design and construction over the next five years. PDC has already contributed approximately $150,000 in schematic design work. On Friday, Portland Parks & Recreation expects to acquire more property for the garden to display plants native to the Northwest, but from remote parts of the region. The additional 1.36 acres will give more people the opportunity to experience botanical treasures, to take classes, and to participate in events in a setting apart from the bustle of urban life, according to Leach Botanical Garden Executive Director David Porter.

"The improvements at Leach Botanical Garden will make significant improvements to a beautiful garden; and will be enjoyed by individuals and families from around the region, and especially those who live in East Portland", says Portland Parks & Recreation Director Mike Abbat�. "Removing barriers that enhance access for people with disabilities in the historic Leach Botanical Garden is another way to make sure all Portlanders can enjoy this amazing garden gem."

"Leach Botanical Garden is a unique botanical and cultural attraction," says Leach Garden Friends' board president, Linda Morrow. "We represent the character of the Pacific Northwest realized through plants, water, art and discovery. This support from Commissioner Fritz through Portland Parks & Recreation is an important step to carrying on the legacy of east Portland civic leaders, John and Lilla Leach, who were visionary in giving their botanical garden to be a public space of respite and beauty."

The Clatsop Butte Park project provides an opportunity to enhance a park site atop a butte in east Portland, at SE 152nd Ave & Belmore St. (also in the Pleasant Valley community), with views of downtown Portland, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mount St. Helens. Portland Parks & Recreation will begin improvements on the 43-acre Clatsop Butte property by developing an interim wood chip trail, benches and signage to encourage neighborhood enjoyment of this important east Portland asset until funds are available to build out the Master Plan developed with the community. Approximately $100,000 in SDC funds will provide improvements primarily benefiting an estimated 178 nearby households. Construction is expected to begin in October 2014, with completion before the end of the year.

About parks in east Portland
East Portland was incorporated into the city of Portland later than many other areas. Two out of every five households in this part of town do not have easy access to a City of Portland park, in stark contrast to the rest of Portland where four out of every five households live within a half-mile of a park or natural area. The east Portland area has experienced significant population growth, and now 40% of Portland's families with children live in east Portland. Demand for recreational services is high, and closing this "play gap" is a priority for Portland Parks & Recreation and Commissioner Fritz.

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UPDT - CRASH OR-212 MP6.94 (130TH - 135TH)

_OPEN:EB:Right Lane, Shoulder CLOSED :WB:All Lanes, Median, Shoulder EB: Left Lane, Median 10/22/14 1846

UPDT -Crash I-5 MP300.9 (Interstate 84)

_OPEN: SB:Middle Lane, Right Lane CLOSED : SB: Left Lane, Median 2VEH 10/22/14 1842

Crash I-5 MP300.9 (Interstate 84)

CLOSED : SB:All Lanes 10/22/14 1834

FINAL Disabled Vehicle - Hazard I-84 MP2 (Portland, Intersection with 43rd Ave)

_OPEN:WB:All Lanes, Median 10/22/14 1829